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Qing Cang

Balance for Yun Ge Ya Yun Figure

Balance for Yun Ge Ya Yun Figure

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Yun Ge Ya Yun is about to release, please pay for the balance if you pre-order before.

This link only for pre-order balance! Not full payment.

Release date: OctoberĀ 2022


SingleĀ Version: $149; CoupleĀ Version: $268

Pre-order Priceļ¼š

SingleĀ Version: $119; CoupleĀ Version: $238

Only Pre-order Giftsļ¼š

SingleĀ Version: Acrylic Figure*1

CoupleĀ Version:Ā Acrylic Figure*2; Badges*2; Keychains*2

If you want a pre-order, you need to pay for the deposit and then pay the balance after the item is released.

Name: Yun Ge Ya Yun
Brand: Qing Cang
Material: PVC+ABS
Size: 1/8

Wei Wuxian Single Version List:

Wei Wuxian Figure*1; Chen Qing Flute*1; Rabbit*1; Acrylic Figure*1

Lan Wangji Single Version List:

Lan Wangji Figure*1; Wang JiĀ Guqin*1; Rabbit*1; Acrylic Figure*1

Couple Version List:

Wei Wuxian Figure*1; Lan Wangji Figure*1; Jing Shi Acrylic Background*1; Desk*1; Tea Set*1; Book*1; Penholder*1; Inkstone*1; Scroll*1; Chen Qing Flute*1; Wang JiĀ Guqin*1; Rabbit*2; Acrylic Figure*2; Keychain*2; Badges*2


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