❤️ We Want to Hear Your Wishes! ❤️

Hello, beloved community! ✨

In our quest to bring you closer to your dreams, we’re excited to introduce our Wish List Initiative. Whether it's a coveted item or an IP (Manhua/Novel/Series) that captures your imagination, we invite you to share your desires with us.

Why share your wish list?

Personalized Selections: By knowing what you yearn for, we can tailor our collections to include the treasures you seek. Imagine walking into a realm where your desired novels, manhuas, or exclusive items await your arrival. That’s the future we aim to build together.

Community Power: When you voice your wishes, you’re not just speaking for yourself. You’re potentially highlighting favourites that many in our community are silently hoping for. Together, we can bring more of what we love into our shared space.

How to Share Your Wish?

Simply drop us a message with the subject “My Wish List” and include:

The title and author/creator of the IP (Manhua/Novel) you're interested in, or
The specific items you’re dreaming of adding to your collection.
Feel free to elaborate on why these picks are special to you - we love hearing your stories!

What Happens Next?

We’ll gather all your wishes, big and small, and work our magic to make the shop a treasure trove tailored just for you. Keep an eye on our updates; we’ll be announcing new arrivals and possibly fulfilling wishes along the way!

We’re all ears and can’t wait to hear about what makes your heart race. Let’s make our shop not just a store, but a community where dreams come to life. ✨

Dream Big, Wish Bigger,
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