Collection: 可爱过敏原 Lovely Allergen

Song Yu has three requirements for Yue Zhishi:

– You cannot call me gege in public.

– We won’t do anything together in public.

– You cannot let other people know you live with me.

Yue Zhishi has always been obediently following these rules. They were practically strangers at school. At the opening ceremony, he suddenly collapsed due to an allergy-related asthma attack, sending everything into chaos. At this moment, the student representative Song Yu suddenly stopped speaking…….

That night, a hot post appeared on the school forum.

【Shock!! Our junior high school department male idol and our senior high school department male idol are actually ‘brothers’!】


Ever since his father brought back a mixed-race baby when he was six years old, Song Yu’s life has been completely entangled by this clingy little guy who couldn’t speak Chinese well.

Le Le who was in kindergarten: Xiao Yu gege, my classmate said today that he has a beautiful sister-in-law. What is a sister in law?
Song Yu: His older brother’s wife.
Le Le: No! I don’t want a sister-in-law!
Song Yu: ……
Le Le: I’ll be your sister-in-law! (Something isn’t quite right…….)
Song Yu: Please study up on Chinese familial relationships.
Le Le: Wait, wait. I’ll be my sister-in-law!
Song Yu: ……

Mouth says one thing but body does another, cat-like gong x mixed-race, obedient and straightforward puppy-like shou.

1. Childhood sweethearts with older gong. Slice of life (with some twists and turns), with a lot of scenes involving eating. Those who like fast-paced stories, be cautious.
2. Shou is in third year of junior high at the start of the story. There is no blood or legal relationship between the shou and the gong. Remember, they’re not under the same household registration book.
3. Gong spoils and dotes on shou. Very strong double sided arrow, essentially younger brother complex x older brother complex.
4. Cute shou, not strong shou.
5. There is a wlw side couple, not much scenes.
6. Please don’t read if you can’t take even a little bit of unexpected events. This is not solely a sweet fluffy novel.

CWs: light PTSD, talk of su*cide/self-harm, talk of death/dying, h*mophobia (from side characters). Please do not read if these make you uncomfortable.