• Wei Wuxian & Lan Wangji: Buxianxian Ver.

    The flowers illuminate the night like white jade. Tonight must be cherished.

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  • Wei Wuxian: Yi Ling Lao Zu Ver.

    "Whether a thousand armies, a thousand horses or anything else, once you come to the other side I’ll command you under my banner!"

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  • Nendoroid Lan Wangji & Wei Wuxian: Year of the Rabbit Ver.

    A limited edition Nendoroid of Lan Wangji for the Year of the Rabbit!

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  • Nendoroid Doll Xie Lian&Hua Cheng

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  • Heaven Official's Blessing | 1/7 scale figure of the Supreme Ghost King Hua Cheng Good Smile- FUNIMECITY

    1/7 scale figure of the Supreme Ghost King Hua Cheng

    "Whenever you want to see me, no matter the roll of the dice, you can."

  • TGCF Heaven Official's Blessing | Xian Yue Fu Hui Hua Cheng Xie Lian Chibi Figure Qing Cang- FUNIMECITY

    Xian Yue Fu Hui Chibi Figurine

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Plush Doll

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