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Qiang Jin Jiu | 10cm Plush Doll

Qiang Jin Jiu | 10cm Plush Doll

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    Description & Details

    • The blush is not pre-applied at the factory; you can apply it yourself.
    • Xiao Ce An's braids are made of 12 strands when produced; you can braid them into 2 or 4 twist braids on your own.
    • Shen Lanzhou's back hair is loose when manufactured; you can style or trim it as desired after managing it yourself.
    • Due to manufacturing constraints, some hair might be pressed into the seam; this is a normal occurrence, and you can pull them out yourself.
    • Because of the fabric's characteristics, there might be minor hair stretching during grooming; this is considered normal.
    • Due to the properties of cotton, after receiving, you need to adjust the face and head shape by pressing and kneading.
    • This product comes in two forms: a round dumpling shape and a hand puppet. After receiving, you can forcefully stuff the puppet's body into the head to transform it into the round dumpling shape.

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