Collection: 我死对头终于破产了/我的死对头 My Nemesis Has Finally Gone Bankrupt


The nemesis that Ji Ran had been unable to stand for many years has finally gone bankrupt.

All his scoundrel friends asked him, what now?

Ji Ran laughed coldly, you still have to f*cking ask him?

Of course, it’s to use this opportunity to torment, humiliate, and trample upon him.

Therefore, Ji Ran waved an arm and threw a card towards his nemesis in mad glee, saying that he’d ‘sponsor’ him.

However, the next day, he sat up in bed with a dumbfounded expression. Feeling a sore ache in his body, he recalled the bitterness of last night, as well as their ‘fight’ and the tears he’d wept…

F*ck your mom.


Qin Man, you dog, I’ll kill you!