Collection: BE狂魔求生系统 BE Crazy Demon Survival System


Xu Qichen, who has made a habit of receiving blades from his readers, dies suddenly.

Ding! Your survival system has appeared out of the blue: transmigrate into all your bad ending novels and be the main character.

It wants him to change the ending? And it’s even asking him, an emotional defect, to personally date?

System: The deeper the emotional plot line between the gong and shou, the higher the probability of successful task completion!

Xu Qichen: It’s impossible to write a sweet novel, it’s impossible in all of this life

System: Very well, the host has decided to maintain the state of sudden death and not…

Xu Qichen: I’ll transmigrate! I’ll personally make a sweet biscuit [kneel]

#it’s my survival instinct that made the move#

Xu Qichen: You’re really like a certain person…

Old Gong: Open your mouth, eat this candy.

Xu Qichen: You’re really not…

Old Gong: Even a candy can’t stop your mouth!

Xu Qichen: You bit me