Collection: 碎玉投珠 Sui Yu Tou Zhu


No one in the antique artefacts industry isn’t scheming. Both the Shou and Gong are extremely particular.

Take a step back and it’s brotherhood and friendship, take a step forward and it’s eyes for each other only. Another step forward and it’s a life together forever. To live to a ripe old age in conjugal bliss happy ending.

Ding Han Bai: “Those in this industry love jade the most. Materials have ranks, humans also have ranks. Since I’m named Han Bai, I’m deserving of jade.”

Ji Shen Yu: “Shi-ge has always been exceptional.”

Ding Han Bai: “Since I’m exceptional, then am I deserving of being your husband?” (Gong is quite shameless, always forcing others to be nice to him)

Brash and troublesome young master; top quality gems specialist Gong X high EQ IQ beautiful; antique artefact manufacturing expert Shou.